i recently went on this trip.

a very poetic journey.

opened my third eye to where i’ve been. where i am. and who i am becoming.


i was silenced by fear.

beaten into submission.

mentally, physically, emotionally degraded.

chewed up and spit out.

convinced i was nothing.

convinced i didn’t matter.

love meant pain.

sex meant fear.

comfort meant dependence.

freedom was an unattainable dream.

and now…

here i stand.

a survivor.

a force of nature.

a warrior for the people.

propelled by a fire that rests in the core of my being.

intensifying with every step forward.

inspired by the countless beautiful people that surround my life.

fotography is my art.

a soldier in the war for liberation is my purpose.

love is my driving force.

this is me.

a strong young womyn.

constantly evolving.

and these are my thoughts.

i hope they turn you on.

and get you off.


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